About us

    WELCOME. HealthyLife & Rehab is a credible resource that you will definitely need for expert information regarding lifestyle health, physical medicine and rehabilitation. This platform is dedicated to empowering you with vital knowledge regarding health and daily life that you may need to confidently make health and lifestyle choices for yourself and your loved ones.

    WHO WE ARE – We are an innovative team of healthcare professionals in Kenya providing services in physical and rehabilitation medicine. We are passionate about educating the public on lifestyle health issues and offering relevant supportive clinical care to people that are at risk of, and those already experiencing disabling non-communicable disease processes.

    OUR MISSION – We exist to empower and equip people for effective living and optimal function in the community through promoting good health seeking behavior and providing supportive clinical and/or social services to those experiencing disability, injury or any disabling illness.

    What we do

    Lifestyle Health Education

    With the increasing global burden of non-communicable (lifestyle) diseases, we empower communities through education on lifestyle health in relation to behaviors and routine activities of daily living that generally affect individuals’ well being. We train corporate teams, companies and organizations (workers) on occupational health and safety in relation to ergonomics and work related physical injuries.

    Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

    We provide services in physical and rehabilitation medicine to manage disease and injuries such as neuro-rehabilitation for stroke, spinal cord and brain brain injuries, developmental disorders, Orthopedic and rheumatological rehabilitaion following bone disease, fracture and Surgeries, Osteoarthritis care, pain management for muscles and joints, sports medicine and chest physiotherapy among others.

    Community Based Rehabilitation

    To enhance convenient access to rehabilitative and supportive care, we take home calls and do home visits to attend to home-bound patients and/or those preferring to be attended to in the comfort of their homes. This is essential in effective management of long term and disabling conditions or after impactful hospitalization to enhance best outcomes in returning to community life and function.

    Disability Support Services

    We support people with physically disabling conditions through relevant health education and information including necessary referrals for healthcare, registration/documentation with public social services and prescription of assistive devices/technology.